What’s next for ITAM in the pandemic? Take stock of people, process, and planning

By Mike Loria | May 29, 2020
What is next for ITAM in the pandemic?

I love to exercise outdoors on weekends — mostly by cycling, boating, golfing, or downhill or cross-country skiing.  But it’s not just about the sport; it’s about working on your skills and upping your game. During this ongoing pandemic, we’ve all been using our down time to think about upping our game in business, too. Let’s…

Calming the ITAM Chaos During a Crisis

By Mike Loria | May 14, 2020
Calming the IT Asset Management Chaos during a crisis

I love a good plan, don’t you? Plans, process, procedures – this is the nature of my work as an IT managed services provider. I’m not alone. All of the companies I’ve talked to in the last 90 days had business continuity plans. Yet none had anticipated the possibility of a months-long pandemic. With almost…