Deploy Services

End Point Device Management
Hardware Staging and Configuration
Logistics Management
Smart Redeployment

Better Utilization, Redeployment, or Recycling of Current Assets

We'll Handle the Logistics 

Are you struggling with deploying your IT Hardware to your workforce? Tired of the wrong equipment being shipped, pieces missing, delayed delivery dates, wrong locations, and frustrated employees?

Let Re-Source Partners work with you to design a deployment program incorporating efficient and repeatable processes to eliminate mistakes and delays while ensuring your employees receive their IT hardware on time and ready to go.


Our Deploy Services


Centralized Depot

Receive, deploy, and return at our centralized location


Shipping & Receiving

We'll ship, receive, barcode, RFID tag, and real-time track all your IT Hardware



Safe and secure storage for all of your IT Hardware


Our Own Fleet

We provide white-glove service using our own trucks, saving you time and reducing costs



Configure and install custom images on all devices


Smart Redeployment

We'll help to better leverage your assets by knowing when to refresh or redeploy  

What Our Customers Have to Say
About Our Deploy Services


"Working with Re-Source Partners has brought
organization and efficiency to our IT hardware
deployments and refreshes. They understood our
unique requirements and created a program
focused on value and efficiency and met all timelines."

Benefits of Our Deploy Services


Re-Source Partners works with you to create smart, scalable solutions. Whether it's ramping up fast to handle rapid growth, rolling out a company-wide refresh, or processing a small return, we'll be there to handle the volume, now and in the future.

Time Savings

Hardware Asset Management is all we do at Re-Source Partners where value and efficiency are the name of the game. Our clients see an average of a 30% reduction in deployment time.

Maximizing Asset Life

Re-Source Partners' smart redeployment
program ensures you maximize the usage and lifespan of your IT Hardware.

Security & Compliance

Know all your assets are secure by storing them in our purpose-built warehouse. Our trained and experienced staff follow strict protocols, so your equipment and associated data are safe and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Cost Savings

Re-Source Partners' streamlined Deployment services help you save not only on shipping, tracking, and set-up costs, but on capital expenditures too by maximizing the life of your existing equipment.


Re-Source Partners works with you to design the right Deployment solution so your ITAM strategy can fit your business now and in the future.

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Management? Download one of our helpful resources!