Inventory & Audit

Every IT asset management program needs a solid baseline. Our physical inventory delivers that accurate snapshot of what you have and where it is.

Equipped with this information, you improve planning and other decision-making, consolidate asset tracking and records into a CMDB or ServiceNow database and mitigate security and compliance risks.

Customized Information

We tailor inventory forms to fit your needs, capturing new inventory data and auditing your existing data.

Reporting & Reconciliation

We align the CMOB to financial reporting

Onsite Project Support

Our audit expert oversees our team conducting your physical inventory.

Faster Results

Our state-of-the-art technology enables multi-user audits, with our team scanning and tracking equipment simultaneously.

Data Normalization

Our team identifies and fixes any data inconsistencies to legacy data, assuring database accuracy.

Flexible Tracking & Tagging

We use the RFID or barcode scanning devices of your choice. We also supply branded, standard asset tags.

Actual Audit Findings


in ghost assets found and redeployed by global airline


in quarterly maintenance fees for retired equipment identified and stopped

100% Accuracy

National bank with 20k assets, 20 branches, and 3 data centers

Benefits You Can Count On

Accurate Data

We create a baseline inventories and keep hardware databases current and complete.

Fast, Reliable Updates

Our experienced teams use the most advanced audit tools, including conducting multi-user and blind audits.

Increased Compliance and Security

Keeping complete and current hardware inventories meets compliance and financial controls requirements and enhances data security and privacy.

Enhanced Planning

Up-to-date inventory information enables better purchasing decisions and projections.

Increased ITAM Trust

Unchecked, database accuracy degrades over time. We ensure the quality of your information remains strong.