Hardware Refresh

Managing the turnover of hundreds or thousands of IT assets on a regular refresh-and-replace schedule or following a merger or acquisition can be disruptive. Handling this activity for one-offs that crop up all the time or unexpectedly can also put a strain on your ITAM organization.

  • Reduce deployment timelines
  • Better utilized staff results in reduced labor costs
  • Effective hardware management reduces overages, saves time, and cost
  • Better trackability eliminates ghost assets

We have a team of experts to manage the inventory and refresh of your IT assets, whether it’s a one-time need, on-going change management or an emergency. No matter when a change or update is required, we’re ready and able to receive and install new hardware, redeploy assets or safely and securely retire inventory, disposing of or responsibly recycling old equipment.

Your IT database will always be up to date, with important information archived to ensure chain of custody and documentation for faster and easier auditing and compliance reporting.

Our Services


Receive & Deploy

We handle all logistics, including receiving, configuring, kitting and shipping.  We minimize the time to get new equipment to end-users.



You’ll have real-time access to your IT database, allowing you to track chain of custody and hardware records. Our reporting provides you with tools to manage productivity and service level agreements (SLAs).


ServiceNow Expertise

Our team has extensive expertise is using ServiceNow native tools to make asset tracking to your database simple and seamless.  You have a single source of truth.


Retire & Dispose

Our secure and safe asset recovery process covers everything from transporting and wiping hard drives to remarketing and responsible recycling.  With AssetTrack® Pro, you have complete chain-of-custody at every stage.

Benefits You Can Count On

Streamlined Process
We handle all logistics, from receive to dispose.

Up-To-Date Data
Our digital tools and processes keep hardware inventories current and complete, adding new assets and removing retired ones.

Scalable Capabilities
We increase our processing thru-put to meet your needs.

Emergency Turnaround
Need to replace some equipment ASAP? We get hardware how, where and when you need it.

Maximum Useful Life
Our process minimizes the time to get new equipment to end users.

ServiceNow Expertise
We use ServiceNow-native tools, making asset tracking to your database seamless.

Increased Compliance and Security
We maintain the chain of custody and track each asset lifecycle step.

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