Effective IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposition
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Effective IT Asset Disposal

It's the age-old question, what to do with all that end-of-life IT equipment? Do you ignore it? Do you store it? Do you toss it in the dumpster and walk away thinking problem solved? All these options are unacceptable for one simple reason: the most overlooked security breach a company faces is its confidential and proprietary data residing on its end-of-life IT hardware.

Let Re-Source Partners help. Together, we'll create the right IT hardware disposal strategy for your company. Our client-driven focus, guided by decades of experience, ensures peace of mind we have the right solution.


ITAM/ITAD Digital Transformation

In the most basic of terms, IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the alignment of people, processes, and systems to address each key stage in an asset's lifecycle: acquisitions, changes, moves, and disposal.

Effectively managing and tracking the asset lifecycle can be complex. Re-Source Partners has the answer with AssetTrack Pro, a managed solution that incorporates proven methodologies and tools to help IT departments bridge the gap from being a cost center to becoming a business enabler. AssetTrack Pro integrates the world's leading RFID and barcode scanning software to digitally transform a company's population of IT assets to validate accuracy, completeness, and data standardization. We return order to the chaos.


Our Dispose Services



We assume full Chain of Custody at pickup, then follow strict protocols to track and store your assets 



All data destruction for client data-bearing devices strictly adheres to NIST 800-88 standards



Our expert staff will audit and assess your end-of-life assets to determine what can be recycled or repurposed



Proof of disposal confirmed with final inventory record and Certificates of Sanitization and Consumption



All assets designated for recycling are processed and disposed according to R2 standards



We'll repurpose your IT assets through redeployment, donation, or resale

What Our Customers Have to Say
About Our Dispose Services


"Re-Source Partners has become our go-to when it comes to managing our IT Hardware Disposal. Their eco-friendly recycling programs align with our own sustainability goals while strictly adhering to government standards for data destruction."

Benefits of Our Dispose Services

Secure Chain of Custody

Knowledge: You will always know your assets are tracked and accounted for throughout the disposal process. Security: All proprietary and confidential data is securely destroyed. Peace of Mind: Certificates of Destruction and Consumption, and adherence to federal guidelines for regulatory compliance ensures all assets have been properly disposed and accounted for. 

Ensure Data Security

Protection: All those obsolete IT assets stacked in your closets and stockrooms contain sensitive information about your business. We perform data-wiping by securely erasing all confidential data from hard drives and other storage devices before they are disposed of or recycled. The secure disposal of IT assets is essential to ensure data security and protect confidential data.

Environmental and Data
Protection Standards 

Proof in Hand: Re-Source Partners adheres to all government regulatory policies to ensure your IT assets have been properly disposed of and recycled. We follow NIST 800-88 guidelines for our data destruction processes and employ ethical and responsible recycling practices to reduce environmental impact.


Re-Source Partners works with you to create a smart scalable ITAD solution that seamlessly integrates into your ITAM Lifecycle. Whether it's ramping up fast to handle rapid growth, rolling out a company-wide refresh, or processing a small return, we'll be there to handle the volume, now and in the future. 

Maximizing Asset Life & Value

You Get Your Money's Worth: IT Asset Disposal isn't just about destroying data and recycling, it's also about repurposing. Re-Source Partners can help determine the best course of action to recover maximum value from your end-of use IT hardware by redeploying back into your environment, arranging employee buyback and donation programs, or remarketing them for future use.

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