Re-Source Partners Finds New Ways to Promote Eco-friendly Initiatives

eco friendly initiatives recycle image

Re-Source Partners Finds New Ways to Promote Eco-friendly Initiatives Troy, MI (April, 26, 2022) – Re-Source Partners, a nationwide asset management company, is promoting higher standards of eco-friendly initiatives through the services they provide businesses. Technology has transformed every business, and Re-Source Partners creates sustainable programs promoting the reuse and reduction of devices. Hardware lifecycle…

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Baseline Inventory and Audit Services

baseline inventory and audit services icons collage

Baseline Inventory and Audit Services Asset Managers come to us because they are tired of inconsistent quality, lost equipment, no chain-of-custody, and their inability to manage assets across multiple locations. A baseline inventory gives you accountability and control. This provides your organization accurate data as you transition towards a digital and automated ITAM system. An…

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Re-Source Partners Moves to New Warehouse to Support Growth

Interior image of new warehouse location for Re-Source Partners

Loyalty, trust, and demand from current customers were leading factors in service expansion. Troy, MI – Leading IT asset management services firm Re-Source Partners announced that it is moving its warehouse to a new larger space in Troy, MI, to accommodate service expansion and accelerated growth. Re-Source Partners offers businesses of every size a complete…

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Deloitte’s 2021 Global Survey on ITAM

ITAM Global Survey

A recent rainy weekend here in Michigan gave me some time to catch up on some industry reading.  I had been anxious to review Deloitte’s Global Survey on ITAM.  It was really perfect timing as we are just now starting a series of meetings about our strategic plan for 2022 and this insight is helpful…

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Control Systems are Essential for ITAM Results

AssetTrack® Control System

The pillars of IT asset management are people, process, and technology. Without all three working together in harmony, an ITAM program will not deliver results. The key to an exceptional ITAM program is a control system that aligns the three together. Business backbones Amazon, long known for its logistics, is dependent on control systems. So…

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