Re-Source Partners Moves to New Warehouse to Support Growth

Loyalty, trust, and demand from current customers were leading factors in service expansion.

Troy, MI – Leading IT asset management services firm Re-Source Partners announced that it is moving its warehouse to a new larger space in Troy, MI, to accommodate service expansion and accelerated growth. Re-Source Partners offers businesses of every size a complete lifecycle solution, from incoming and depot warehousing of equipment to configuring, imaging, and deployment to the proper disposal at the technological end of life.

The doubled warehouse space will allow Re-Source Partners to support their long-term growth plan while giving customers the space and security they need for storing and imaging their office equipment. Customer demand was the driving force behind the expansion. Re-Source Partners has built a strong reputation with its customers over the past 20 years. Their customers’ trust in their business led to their business model’s evolution from an end-of-life IT asset disposal (ITAD) company to an IT asset management (ITAM) company.

“The work from home movement has increased business expeditiously, said Gary Sippl, business development executive at Re-Source Partners. “Companies are spending a significant amount of time shipping computers, keyboards, and monitors out to employees in remote locations. It has become a logistical nightmare. Re-Source Partners has taken over the entire process making it a simple, efficient, and cost-saving choice for businesses.”

Security is Top Priority

The additional warehouse space in the depot provides added security for customers. Larger secured installments are available for clients who want secured rooms for their storage and imaging of their equipment.

As a leading ITAM company, handling and disposing of equipment securely, ethically, and environmentally friendly is critical. “Devices have sensitive data like trade secrets and financial information that need to be handled appropriately at the time of disposal,” said Mike Loria, President of Re-Source Partners. “We have a strict chain of custody protocol and a well-documented path of disposal for the equipment we manage to avoid unauthorized access to our customer’s data.”

Re-Source Partners destroy all hard drives to NIST 800.88 standards, and customers receive either a certificate of destruction or sanitization.

About Re-Source Partners

Re-Source Partners is a leading managed services provider for IT asset management. Their client focused solution digitally transforms IT asset management by integrating lifecycle services with leading edge software. Re-Source Partners delivers the right skills, processes, technology, and facilities to meet each client’s needs at any or every step in the hardware lifecycle, enhancing ITAM performance, service, security, compliance, and savings for global and U.S. enterprises.

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