With workplaces in transition, environmentally friendly Office in a Box keeps Re-Source Partners in growth mode

Company also recently named Ally Financial 2023 Technology Partner of the Year

Troy, Mich.—April 12, 2023—Re-Source Partners, a Michigan-based IT asset management services firm serving national and global companies with a variety of IT asset deployment, warehousing, imaging and disposal services, has seen impressive growth with its proprietary Office in a Box program for remote and in-office technology accessibility and IT asset return. Re-Source Partners President Mike Loria said with the physical workplace still in transition, demand for organized, transportable offices is driven more by human resources than by company IT departments.

“Of the many IT services we offer, Office in a Box is the only one driven more by HR departments than IT because they are the ones tasked with direct employee contact regarding any kind of change in employment status,” Loria said. “We talk a lot in our industry about IT asset lifecycles. Office in a Box doesn’t fit as neatly into that category because the need to deliver and return IT to and from workers has been more of a continuous loop in the current environment.”

Users of the Office in a Box program include AAA Michigan and Ally Financial, which named Re-Source Partners its 2023 Technology Partner of the Year last month. Contents typically include a laptop, two monitors, peripheral equipment such as a keyboard, mouse, and docking station, an instruction manual and company swag, all securely packaged in a custom designed box based on the client’s requirements. Additional benefits realized by Office in a Box are reduced freight costs and reduced environmental impact with one box versus several.

Re-Source Partners has now handled nearly 3,000 Office in a Box transactions. The impetus for the first phase of Office in a Box was the difficulty employers were having in getting IT equipment returned from remote employees.

“We heard statistics as low as 32% return rates on IT equipment when an employee has moved on. While items like monitors may be relatively inexpensive to replace and have a limited shelf-life once they’ve traveled offsite, laptops can be valued at $1,000 and up, and companies rightly want to reclaim their investment,” Loria said. “Equally important, getting the technology returned helps safeguard the company against data breeches and trade secret theft.”

For returned IT assets, whether through Office in a Box or other refresh activities that Re-Source Partners provides, the process typically involves staging the equipment in their warehouse, wiping the data for security purposes, and either preparing the equipment for deployment or disposal. While disposal is only one aspect of the company’s business, Re-Source Partners is a sustainability leader, with environmentally sound disposal practices that have guided the company’s approach since its founding in 2000.

“Re-Source Partners was established just as alarm bells were going off about IT waste and the reality of millions of end-of-life desktop and laptop computers headed for landfills,” Loria said. “One of our selling points early on – and it continues today – is the commitment to minimizing waste in the IT asset disposal process. It’s always Earth Day here.”

Re-Source Partners leads the industry with complete lifecycle solutions, from incoming and depot warehousing of equipment, to configuring, managing and deployment, to responsible disposal at technological end of life. Areas of expertise include customized IT asset management (ITAM) solutions, imaging/configuring, Office in a Box delivery solutions, data destruction, asset deployment, asset refresh, IMAC (install/move/add/change) and reselling of used equipment.

About Re-Source Partners
Celebrating more than 20 years in business and named the Ally Financial 2023 Technology Partner of the Year, Re-Source Partners is the industry leader in integrated IT asset management solutions, offering customized, end-to-end ITAM lifecycle services to optimize the digital transformation of IT assets. From acquisition to disposition of hard and soft technology assets, we deliver the value and results necessary to maximize service, security, and compliance at each stage in the hardware management lifecycle. Re-Sourceful. Re-Liable. Re-Lentless. Re-Source Partners is guided by our commitment to client success and continuous technology innovation, performance accountability and transparency.

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