Hidden Savings

I have this recurring dream that I wouldn’t quite call a nightmare…but I’ll let you decide. The dream is that I’ve died (happily) of old age, but, somehow, I’m in the room watching my attorney read my will to my family. He opens a file, sorts through some paperwork, shifts down his glasses, and soberly…

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Beyond Equipment: How We became ITAM Lifecycle Experts Part 2

Earlier this month I shared the plan I had in my twenties to become a millionaire. We all know how that turned out (hint: it involved HP 4000 printers, so, no, money did not fall from the sky!). Pipe dreams aside, twenty-something me did learn more than a few valuable lessons about hardware asset management…

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Save 3% to 5% of Your IT Hardware Budget by Centralizing Receiving and Deployment

Receiving and Deploying is essential to assure quality data

While some business operations work well when they are decentralized, receiving and deploying IT hardware isn’t one of them.   Decentralized receiving leads to all kinds of problems, including: Lack of control and consistency in recording new inventory Ongoing tracking and accuracy problems if hardware isn’t captured at the start Overprovisioning of hardware and software…

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The Vendor’s Perspective to Improve IT Vendor Management

Vendors are critical to a modern successful ITAM program

I read a recent Gartner report on 3 Steps to Improve IT Vendor Management and decided to add my two cents. As an ITAM managed services provider, I know a thing or two about the topic, too. You need IT vendors According to Gartner, “Relationships with strategic vendors are increasingly key to business performance.” I…

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The Operational Framework for your MSP (Managed Services Provider)

MSP managed services provider

Hardware asset management can be one of the toughest challenges for businesses to manage these days. With employees working remotely, tracking and managing assets is more cumbersome than before. Plus, if your main business isn’t tracking and managing hardware assets, it makes sense to find someone whose sole expertise is. This is why many companies…

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