6 Questions for Figuring Out When It’s Time for IT Managed Services

If your hardware asset management feels out of control, it might be time to get help. The questions below will help you identify if you’re ready to look into an IT managed services solution.

Are you looking to:

  1. Digitally transform your infrastructure?
  2. Get more out of ServiceNow?
  3. Be able to track managed services in ServiceNow?
  4. Get better control of your assets & process?
  5. Get more out of your budget?
  6. Get all of the above and not have to manage any of it yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above – especially #6 – you’re ready for an IT managed service provider to take over.

Recently, we’ve been hearing from customers with locations around the country, thousands of employees, managing changes, and new assets are coming in all the time. They are frustrated they don’t know what is happening, they have no way of figuring out exactly what they have or where it was, and their managed service provider isn’t on ServiceNow or flexible enough to do what they needed. 

Hardware asset management isn’t their core business, and they don’t have the resources or the desire to change that. They are desperate for a solution that would give them control over purchases and costs that would allow their people to stay focused on creating a top-notch experience for their internal customers instead of trying to manage equipment.

Because of our expertise in hardware asset management, and because we use AssetTrack®, the #1 barcode control system for ServiceNow, we are able to design a program that addresses their specific needs. We can not only customize and deploy the initial solution, we can continue tracking, managing, and reporting through the complete lifecycle. 

IT Managed Services

With our IT managed services solution, they can expect to:

  •       Reduce capital expense 
  •       Save on operating expenses 
  •       Reduce their risks through better control, compliance and security

 We know our livelihood depends on our customer’s success, which is why we promise:

       Easy access to accurate, reliable data in real-time

  •       Predictability to help forecast spend, utilization and needs
  •       Reductions in lost man-hours and operating expenses
  •       Reduced risk for better control, compliance and security

Then, we take our service a step further by giving visibility into what we’re doing at each stage. Customers can log in at any time and see what we have in stock, how long we spend on each task and if there are any exceptions. We have no secrets and are ready to change direction immediately if something isn’t working as planned or requirements change.

If you’re tired of chasing your hardware assets and are ready to get back to focusing on your core business, contact us.

If you’d like to see your labor and productivity savings opportunity, try out our simple online calculator.

Simplify your hardware asset management with a complete lifecycle control system and a trusted team to manage it for you.


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