4 Reasons to love a ServiceNow IT Hardware Audit

Every company who owns assets knows the importance of conducting IT hardware audits, but the problem is, most times it’s hard to do right, your staff is stretched already, and you’re working with bad data. Issues like ghost assets, bad process controls, human error, etc. make it impossible to create the foundation you need for successful ITAM.

IT Hardware Audit

Conducting your IT hardware audit using AssetTrack®, the industry leading control system built in ServiceNow, alleviates these headaches. Here are four reasons to tackle your hardware audits sooner rather than later. 

  1.     You’ll establish a baseline inventory

You might think you know what you have on-hand, but you need to know for sure. You also need to account for inactive or disconnected equipment that auto-discovery tools aren’t able to locate but you’re still paying for. Understanding what assets you have, where they are, their compliance and if they pose security risks can’t happen until you have a single source of truth that gives you timely, accurate data you know you can trust. Without an accurate baseline, you don’t have a solid ITAM foundation.

  1.     Your IT asset data will be centralized 

Having reliable asset data is important but it won’t be very helpful if you’re still spending most of your time trying to track down your data in various tools. Using AssetTrack within ServiceNow allows you to merge multiple data sets into a single source of truth while being able to see real-time results – all in one place.

  1.     You’ll be better able to plan and make decisions

Change is inevitable and while we can’t predict the future, we can better prepare ourselves to handle whatever gets thrown our way if we’re informed and prepared. Understanding your hardware asset landscape is the first step towards ensuring your future success. Everything from being prepared for merger and acquisition events, disaster / business continuity, and future purchase planning, to optimizing performance and utilization of assets, including knowing which assets should be redeployed or disposed of only happens when you conduct regular audits.

  1.     You’ll alleviate security or compliance gaps

With the recent cyber-attacks on American companies, people are looking for ways to increase security. One of the ways to prevent cyber-crime is to ensure you have – and accurately maintain – a current list of all your hardware, software, data and security certificates. AssetTrack® makes this simple by enabling you to:

  •     Validate that your equipment is authorized
  •     Identify process or structural gaps
  •     Meet mandated compliance and financial reporting audit requirements

All with 100% audit accuracy.

Re-Source Partners makes ITAM even easier by managing the entire lifecycle for you. Our top trusted, on-site partners are AssetTrack® for ServiceNow experts and they’ll customize a solution that’s specific to your needs. Implementation is quick and easy, and the result is an audit management solution that allows you to finally take control of your assets AND your audits. You’ll get customized, current, accurate data and reporting and our audit expert will oversee our team as we conduct your physical inventory. You’ll get the results you need, when you need them, with anytime access to ServiceNow’s interactive dashboards and reports, so you can see audit activities as they happen. 

Some of the things our customers have found during IT hardware audits:  

  • Taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs for assets they no longer had
  • Ghost and rogue assets that weren’t accounted for in their CMDB
  • Suspicious assets that posed security threats as a trojan horse
  • Process gaps with assets not being tracked correctly 
  • Missing equipment going unidentified

If you’re interested in learning more about a partnership with Re-Source Partners and how we can help you get your hardware asset management where it needs to be, contact us. Stop managing multiple vendors and contracts and start focusing on your core business goals with a Re-Source Partners solution.

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