A Secure, Efficient, Customized HAM Solution

Exclusive provider of AssetTrack Pro®
The #1 barcode control system for ServiceNow

We deliver experienced experts in making hardware asset management simple, reliable, and successful throughout the hardware lifecycle,


We eliminate guessing about asset status or service level agreements with AssetTrack Pro®, the #1 barcode control system for ServiceNow.

We get it: managing and handling large amounts of hardware is hard.

  • Hardware Asset Management is time consuming, costly, and challenging
  • You don’t always have access to real-time data and are unsure of current inventory and location making tracking, managing, and problem resolution impossible
  • Without the facilities, processes and "know-how", doing it yourself is inefficient and a distraction from your business
  • Trying to manage inflexible vendors who are unwilling and unable to accommodate your specific and changing needs results in lost productivity
  • Employees are less productive when they’re frustrated with inefficient tools and processes for managing asset data and tracking in-house, resulting in loss confidence in their data and wasted man-hours

How we create a successful HAM lifecycle program:

  • Accurate Data: Asset data is easily accessible, up-to-date, secure, and compliant with complete chain of custody
  • Performance: Ensure a successful HAM program, so your employees are free to focus on your core business
  • Predictability: Forecast spend, utilization and needs using past data to predict the future needs
  • Savings: Reduce capital and operating expenses while allowing workers to be more efficient, productive, and focused
  • Control: Allow for better utilization, redeployment, or recycling/donation of current assets

Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us, we have the experience and background needed for global enterprises

Our Lifecycle Services Deliver Results You Can Trust

You’ll get dedicated experts in delivering the results you need at each stage in the hardware management lifecycle, who will work with you to customize a simplified, integrated solution that ensures your data is accurate, your assets are more secure, you’re saving money, and are more efficient.

We’re not the only HAM solution partner out there, but we pride ourselves on being the best.

We built our business by understanding your needs:

We understand HAM needs and have industry specialists with extensive ServiceNow expertise, who work to build a trusted partnership to customize, deploy, and maintain your solution using AssetTrack® - the leading barcode and RFID control system built in ServiceNow.

How we are different:

  • We’re flexible and innovative enough to develop a custom solution that can accommodate your changing needs and wants at any stage of the process
  • Our solution delivers real-time reporting on not only your hardware data, but also our performance
  • We’re an extension of your workforce and continually strive to be a single, trusted partner throughout your ITAM journey
  • We have a steadfast commitment to your success, maintaining the simplicity, quality, and security of our solution while ensuring continuous technology innovation, performance accountability, and overall transparency

We’re here in whatever way works best for you

You might not need full lifecycle services right now and we have targeted solutions that address and fix your specific challenges, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

And of course, we’re ready to address additional needs as they arise.

We handle all logistics, including receiving, configuring, kitting, and shipping. We minimize the time to get new equipment to end-users.

Our on-site project managers develop custom tools to fit your needs and will audit your assets to identify and correct data errors and process breakdowns to ensure you can have an accurate baseline.

We keep your hardware inventories current and complete, adding or replacing assets as needed.

Our secure and responsible asset recovery process covers everything from transporting and wiping hard drives to remarketing and responsible recycling.