Hardware Receive + Deploy

You need IT asset data that you can rely on, and that begins at the beginning.

A complete and current hardware database depends on capturing all IT equipment as it enters your organization. But that’s not enough. You also need efficient and reliable inventory logistics management, ensuring that assets are properly configured and delivered to the right user.

We take care of all of those steps, easing the workload for your field techs. We design a program based on your requirements to handle front-end physical and logistics activities for best-in-class ITAM.

Shift the focus from the hassles of tracking and managing your assets back to your core business, while gaining a dedicated, trusted guide in your success.

We’ll create a customized solution to address your specific ITAM needs and handle all logistics, from receiving to disposal/retiring of assets, minimizing the time to get new equipment to end-users and easing the workload for you and your field techs.

Our Menu of Receive & Deploy Services

Procurement Support

We are authorized resellers for OEMs including Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Centralized Depot Management

Ship and store bulk hardware orders to one of our secure warehouses.

Custom Configuration

We work with all major imaging platforms and create custom device images.


We coordinate all shipping, transport and delivery logistics.

Rapid Deployment

Stored hardware is pulled, kitted, packed and shipped to the designated location while emergency replacements are handled immediately and delivered when you need, where you need.

Onsite Set-up & Support

We can supply technicians to support hardware distribution, collection, and management either full-time or project based.

Receive & Track Inventory

We reconcile purchase orders, apply barcodes or RFID tags, and input the pre-determined set of information into your ServiceNow or server database.

Up-to-date data

We keep your hardware inventory current and accurate allowing you to add new assets or remove retired ones when you need.

Benefits You Can Count On

Streamlined Process
We handle all logistics, from receive to dispose.

Up-To-Date Data
Our digital tools and processes keep hardware inventories current and complete, adding new assets and removing retired ones.

Scalable Capabilities
We increase our processing thru-put to meet your needs.

Emergency Turnaround
Need to replace some equipment ASAP? We get hardware how, where and when you need it.

Maximum Useful Life
Our process minimizes the time to get new equipment to end users.

ServiceNow Expertise
We use ServiceNow-native tools, making asset tracking to your database seamless.

Increased Compliance and Security
We maintain the chain of custody and track each asset lifecycle step.