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Studies show that most Fortune 500 companies assign on average 3.5 devices per employee. Is your organization maximizing the value of these assets?

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Asset Recovery and Disposal Services

Asset Recovery refers to the process of managing the activities that follow the retirement of an asset from an Enterprise network must be designed to safely contain the asset and any data stored on the asset during transport, and to reconcile inventories and determine if the asset has any remaining value that can be recovered through resale. Asset Recovery is a key part of an IT asset’s lifecycle in that it ensures control of the assets once they are no longer discoverable by the network and should provide useful metrics that can assist in future planning for hardware purchases. Proper disposal and recycling is also an important piece of the asset recovery process since not all retired assets will have recoverable value, the Asset Recovery process must adhere to environmental protocols for proper consumption.

Did you know?

$5,403,644 is the average realized cost of a data breach for a US company.

Protect your organization.

Why Us?

Asset Recovery and Disposal are important pieces of an IT Asset’s lifecycle, yet they are often overlooked or assumed to be happening properly. It is true that Companies need someone that can verify the destruction of data and proper handling of environmentally hazardous assets, however there is very useful and meaningful info that is captured during these steps that many organizations do not take advantage of. Our 15 years of experience in IT Asset Recovery along with our in-depth understanding of the needs of our Client’s IT Asset Management program enables us to provide meaningful and useful reporting streams of End of Life activities. These reporting streams provide information and metrics that can be leveraged to create financial savings and improved processes that bring value added value to our Clients. We service many Fotune 500 Companies and have the processes, tools and experience to help Maximize and Protect your IT investments.

The following are processes that we offer for retired IT hardware assets:

  • On-site inventory
  • Full chain of custody tracking
  • Packaging and transport
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Audit/test
  • Drive wipe/ Data Erasure
  • Value Assessment
  • Resale
  • Redeploy
  • Donation Fulfilment
  • Employee Buy-back Programs
  • Recycling

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