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Studies show that most Fortune 500 companies assign on average 3.5 devices per employee. Is your organization maximizing the value of these assets?

Maximize your investment in IT.

Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management

Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management refers to the activities that must take place in order to effectively and efficiently keep track of ALL IT Hardware assets. This includes not only the physical tracking of assets, but also the preparation, organization and delivery of orders. Hardware Asset/Lifecycle Management is an important piece of an IT Asset Management program and must be designed with alignment to the overall ITAM strategy.

Did you know?

$5,403,644 is the average realized cost of a data breach for a US company.

Protect your organization.

Why Us?

IT Asset Management programs are not easy. Re-Source Partners understands that and has leveraged our experience in the IT Asset and Disposal Industry and our experience in IT Asset Management to create a program that is simple and also brings cost savings to your organization. In order to be excellent at tracking retired assets, especially those containing sensitive information Re-Source Partners has developed tools and systems that are world-class. These tools and systems are easily leveraged and can be customized to provide that same level of service and protection to new IT assets. Additionally, our experience gained in IT Asset Management Consulting and Professional Services has helped us fully understand our Client’s needs and has given us insight to gaps that can easily be managed.

Re-Source Partners designs, delivers and supports all of the physical and logistics activities necessary for good Hardware Asset/Lifecycle Management. The following is a list of the services that we can provide either individually or as part of a custom designed “Managed IT Logistics (MITL)” services package:

  • Depot Services
  • Receive Inventory
  • Reconcile Purchase Orders
  • Warehousing
  • Barcode Application/Tracking
  • Image Build/Deploy
  • Pick, Pack, Ship
  • Transport/Deliver
  • Waste Removal
  • Asset Recovery and Disposal Services

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