Since 2000, Re-Source Partners has been a trusted provider for Asset Recovery and Disposal services for the enterprise marketplace. Our service offerings are specifically aligned to your organizational needs. We accomplish this by fully understanding your IT Asset Management processes and working collectively with you to determine the most efficient means to handle your hardware during refreshes, retirement, and other times of change. We further align to your needs by exceeding environmental and industry standards, concentrating on quality, utilizing trusted standards and certifications, and a possessing a ‘laser focused’ approach on securing and maximizing your IT investments.

Meet Our Hardware Change Experts

  • Mike Loria
    Mike Loria President
  • Jeff Korona
    Jeff Korona Vice President
  • Karen Golemba
    Karen Golemba Accounting
  • Denise Rhoney
    Denise Rhoney Hardware Sales
  • Robert Kenefick
    Robert Kenefick Professional Services
  • Anthony Ventimiglia
    Anthony Ventimiglia Production

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